Admission Form


  1. Admission to all classes are based on Entrance Tests subject to availability of seats and other conditions that the management may deem fit to prescribe from time to time.
  2. Admissions are based on merit.
  3. Withdrawals are allowed on application for Transfer Certificate by the parents. Such applications are to be made not less than 60 days before the commencement of a term.Transfer applications made after the reopening of the school after a particular term will not be entertained unless fees and all other payments due for that ensuing term is paid fully by the parent.
  4. A month’s notice in writing is required for withdrawal of a pupil from the school. The Transfer Certificate shall be given to those who have settled all their dues.


Age Grade
LKG 4+
UKG 5+
I One has to complete 6+ as on March 31st
II 7+
III 8+
IV 9+
V 10+
VI 11+
VII 12+
VIII 13+
IX 14+
X 15+
XI 16+
XII 17+

Admission Enquiry

    For any other enquiries regarding admission to be sent to the following

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