In order to hone them for a globalized preparatory, we encourage our students to use the given opportunities in our school clubs.

Financial Literacy Club

Saving and Budgeting – important aspect and a new introduction to face all the monetary challenges and a way of building personal finance. Financial Literacy has become an essential skill to live in today’s society. For students, who want to learn more about the basics of debt, credit, investing and budgeting – we encourage the game methodology such as MONOPOLY, BUSINESS, CASH FLOW, YEARN TO EARN, etc.

Heritage Club

The concept of cultural heritage ….in a broad sense, “it is perceived as comprising movable and immovable assets of artistic, literary, architectural, historical, archaeological, ethnological, scientific value that embody the essence of a nation”. Heritage education is on one hand interpreting the past for the use of the future, and recognizing contemporary traditions that affect the present and will influence the future.

Innovation Club

Innovation is about taking invention to the marketplace. It is a process that translates knowledge into products & services for economic growth and social well-being. It emphasizes a series of scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial activities. The objective of the Innovation Club is to create awareness, educate, nurture and inculcate a culture of innovation amongst school children and to enable them to generate new ideas and become more innovative.

Eco Club

Eco Club is a platform to gain knowledge about the environment and its conservation. EcoMotive believes that its investment in green technology and research can produce a cleaner, safer future for its customers. It is committed to developing next-generation products that enhance vehicle performance and reliability, and gives consumers confidence.

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