General Updates


Office 8.30 am – 5.30 pm All working days
KG to Grade IX & XI 8.45 am – 4.15 pm Monday — Saturday
Grade X & XII 8.45 am – 6.45 pm Monday — Saturday


1. Assembly starts at 9.00am, parents are requested to leave the children before the assembly time, otherwise late attendance will be noted in the register.

2. Please note down the new time table which was noted in your child’s diary. Kindly send the books and note books in the time table order.

3. Please read the circulars and notices issued by the school carefully, from time to time, and respond promptly in the diary itself as “Noted”

4. Avoid to take the children from the school during class hours, unless absolutely necessary. Frequent breaks in regular schooling and disturbances are bound to affect the child’s progress.

5.No parents are allowed to take their wards immediately after the Examination for any personal purpose.

6.Parents are not allowed to enter the school for any reasons during Examination.

7. Kindly notify the school about any change in your address or telephone numbers as soon as possible.

8. Strictly no anklets or gold ornaments to be worn by the Girl children.

9. Kindly send healthy lunch and snacks.

10. Don’t send the children to school if they are suffering from severe cough, cold, fever or infectious diseases like chicken-pox, measles, mumps etc., until they are medically fit. 

11. Parents or other relatives are not permitted to meet the teacher during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

12. Boy children must have Short hair and neatly combed and Girls hair must be neatly platted with Black ribbon or Black hair-band. Please avoid the colour bands or clips. Flowers should be avoided.

13. Id cards must be pinned up every day and Nails to be clipped. Neatness and Smart outlook is must.

14. Hand kerchief is a must.

15. Please send a spoon, lunch towels (2 in number) every day.

16. KG parents are requested to send an additional dress. It must be neatly packed and labelled.

17. Any queries please contact: 8489923070/8489923071 / 8489923072

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