Dr.JAIN SONAL M.A., B.Ed., PhD.,(Education)


The term ‘Education’ encompasses more than just knowledge and knowing. It is a harmonious blend of academia, arts, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and life itself! And in the world we have built today, the one who is adapt in all areas is the one who succeeds. The two main things that we have focus to effectively implement NEP-2020 are, changing the pedagogical structure and transforming the TLP [Teaching-Learning Process]. 

We have created an enabling environment for teaching and learning that fosters problem solving skills through innovation. Due emphasis is given on rigour, creativity and innovation in academic activities, nurturing an unfettered spirit of exploration. We, as pedagogues must use the language of passionate possibilitarian so that every obstacle is seen as an opportunity to refine our ways and means. We strongly believe ATTITUDE is the one word solution to all the problems within the school ecosystem. 

Under my leadership, the revised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy is implemented very strictly at AAA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Each level is conceptually different. Bloom’s taxonomy engendered a way to align our educational goals, curricula, and assessments that are used in our school, and it structured the breadth and depth of the instructional activities and curriculum that teachers provide for students. In the new taxonomy, two dimensions are presented: the knowledge dimension and the cognitive dimension. There are four levels on the knowledge dimension: factual, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive. There are six levels on the cognitive process dimension: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, and creating. The new taxonomy enables teachers to think more in depth about the content that they are teaching and the objectives they are focusing on within the classroom. It allows the teachers to categorize objectives in a more-multidimensional way and to do so in a manner that allows them to see the complex relationships between knowledge and cognitive processes.

Here I make it a point that the lesson plans are prepared in a methodology which covers all the 8 types of intelligences in human namely Spatial Intelligence, Bodily – Kinaesthetic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Logical – Mathematical skills, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence & Naturalistic Intelligence. 

The school’s genuine concern ensures students’ emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their -…

Sharing ideas, analysing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills which are honed here, through continual and progressive learning. Unleashing the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork & leadership, sports has a special part in AAA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Finally I want to assure you that the management and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to give your child the required edge to make their mark in this global world with dignity, honour and integrity. Teaching and learning should bring joy according to my point of view. How powerful would our world be if we had kids who are not afraid to take risks, who are not afraid to think, and who are champions? Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.


When one takes children on hand, an opportunity is there to encourage in them proper sort of impulses than letting them get cramped with narrow and bigoted egocentricism. The system of education in a progressive society must be in direct proportion to the people’s life. It should be a system that irrigates mind, Intellect, culture and spiritual life in all their aspects through its life giving process of inner growth and outer expressions. Aiming excellence in everything we pursue, the school continues to impart education in an Indian milieu with a definite accent on Indian culture and traditions and an emphasis on global perspective. For the right type of education we wish our academy to inculcate an atmosphere where the students may grow with a true spirit of tolerance and respect for all religions, where both students and teachers together co-operate in pursuit of their common objectives. The school provides a holistic learning environment and facilitates communication and interaction between teachers, students and parents. The school aims to focus on preparing the students to best meet the challenges in a proactive manner.

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